Growing Pains

As an alumnae, I have come to accept May 1st as my “New Years Day”.

It represents the graduation from or anniversary of graduating from education.  It may mark the end of a year, or an era, or simply just the transition between school and the work force (don’t forget those of us anxiously waiting to hear back from graduate programs). This is a time to evaluate the progress of goals & projects and push forward in new directions.

Here at the Millennium Network April/May is turning out to be an equally interesting time of year.  From the foundation side of things, it marks the official “graduation” of the Network as our last contact at the Excellence Award Program (Andrew Woodall, Director) leaves the role.  You can check out his eloquent reflections of his past 5 years here.  Programming wise it’s traditionally hard to get people involved during exam time, student’s leave to go back home during the summer, projects are side tracked as “free time” during school is replaced by a 9-5 (or 8-8) workday.  So the question comes up, how to engage student leaders and recent graduates (aka YOU) as a network that is maturing and learning to grow on its own.

We are thinking of some exciting things and using this summer as a time to strengthen and grow for some more great programming in September including incorporating feedback from our M-Terns (more details to come!) Suggestions? Beefs? Email us!


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Volunteer position in Calgary- Pass it on!

Project coordinating skills? Working in the Green Economy? Interacting with local Calgary schools?

Check this opportunity out from My World My Choice in Calgary!

Are you interested in gaining experience in the new green economy? The organization My World, My Choice is a non-profit organization that is looking for a dynamic individual who is passionate about the environment.

Interested? Read more!

Key Accountabilities:

The project coordinator is responsible for delivering the project to classrooms in Calgary:

  • Determine the resources required to meet project objectives
  • To receive training from the National Team
  • Manage the local project organizing team (providing recruitment, training, guidance and support)
  • Represents the Calgary my world my choice! project externally at key events/with key partners
  • Liaising with the National Team & other chapters to share resources and enhance project delivery
  • Grant research and applications
  • Lead planning efforts and complete a project wrap-up report
  • Finance and administration (includes completing budgets and submitting financial statements to the National team)
  • Chairs local team meetings and liaise with Advisors
  • Supports efforts of other team members as needed

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Job: Billingual Program Officer

Hello everyone, (French message follows)

Please forward this message to your networks in the Toronto region!
Canadian Crossroads International (CCI) is currently recruiting a Bilingual Program Officer, Women’s Rights.
Please check out the website for more details: <>

Bonjour tout le monde,

Merci à l’avance de faire suivre ce message dans vos réseaux.
Carrefour canadien international (CCI) recherche présentement un Agent ou agente de programme -Droits des femmes
Veuillez consulter notre site internet pour plus de détails :

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One of a Kind Jewellery for Social Change

Hi all, Vini here from McMaster University in Hamilton! I just wanted to share a little bit about a project I have been working on with my friend and business partner, Tamar Friedman.

vini-palimsessed saltwater-room

Tamar and I are two university students who believe in using our talents to effect positive change in the world. To this end, Palimsessed Accessories is a social enterprise we started out of high school to explore our creative sides while raising money for international community service projects. We make and sell our own hand-made jewelelry and accessories, and all proceeds go toward subsidizing volunteer trips abroad.

In February 2009, Palimsessed Accessories helped send me to Cuernevaca, Mexico on a service-learning trip. To continue supporting the artisan community in Cuernevaca, we are working to import and sell handmade bags and beaded purses from Artesanos Unidos, an Artisans Co-operative. Currently, Tamar is using Palimsessed Accessories’ jewelry sales to fundraise for a trip to Kenya to build schools with Me to We, in May 2010.

To help our efforts to support artisans in Mexico and to travel to Kenya on a volunteer trip, please visit our website, your gateway to our online store, and to our blog to keep you updated on our progress. You can also find us on Etsy, Twitter, and Facebook. :)

We absolutely love doing what we do and we hope to have the opportunity to continue sharing our work! I definitely owe it to the network for being a motivation and an inspiration as I work on this project! I wrote a blog post about it, way back when – and it holds true today.

If you are hosting an event where you think it may be appropriate for us to table, we would love the opportunity to spread the word about our goals and art.

I would also love to hear about how you might use art as a means for social change! From beautiful table-cloth art that raised over $1000 to coffeehouses and benefit concerts, writing, music and poetry you have composed and more. Please share, it is truly an inspiration!

Thanks for your support in helping us achieve our goals!


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Steering Committee at Work!

This weekend, the Millennium Network’s steering committee is meeting in Montreal to hash out more cool things to bring to our Network members – you!

Stay tuned…

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Edmonton-Ottawa Skype Date

Hello fellow Millenniumers! Jenny here from Edmonton.  I just wanted to give you all an update on our Edmonton-Ottawa skype date.

Skype Date: 02.26.10
Who? Naureen & Alicia – Ottawa
Angela & I – Edmonton

First impressions of Naureen and Alicia?  Well besides the fact that they take funny pictures on webcam… they are some pretty FABULOUS LNLs !!!

To start off the date, we shared one interesting thing about ourselves.  By coincidence, Angela, Naureen, and Alicia are all currently organizing benefit shows for Haiti!  So they all had an instant bond!  But, somehow I must have missed the memo about organizing a benefit concert…  :)

Then we decided to do some personality ice breakers.  So Angela and I whipped out our ultimate Millennium question – what furniture would you be and why?  To our surprise, Naureen and Alicia had some amazing answers!  Naureen wanted to be a trunk that goes at the end of your bed.  Then, Alicia wanted to be an ugly side table that no one likes because it is ugly; people try to make it look pretty but it is still ugly.

After getting to know one another, we reminisced about our experiences at Regionals this year.  We learned that at their Regionals they stole a dirty table cloth and coloured it with crayons and markers and then auctioned it off.  And they made more than $1000 !!  Wow… that is pure millennium genius.

Next we discussed about our different networks and how everything is working out.  In Ottawa, they went skating and had a movie night (where they never actually “watched” the movie because they were talking to each other too much!)  Also we learned that there is not much participation in the Ottawa Network .  Usually it is the same core people that come out every time.  Overall, there are about 200 people (including alumni) in the Ottawa network and only about 20 people came out to their first event and then 4 people to their movie night.  But for their assessor event, over 40 people came out (which we thought was quite impressive!)  Also they are having difficulties with the promotion of events and getting people engaged in their network.  We all agreed that it has been difficult to communicate with millenniumers now that laureatespace is down.  Naureen and Alicia are even missing some demographics of people that come in and out.  So we all found it to be difficult to reach out to everyone when we do not have a proper contact list.

Then on the Edmonton side, Angela and I explained the consulting side of the Millennium Network and how we are doing a pilot program through our KATZ consulting project.

Overall, we had an excellent skype date.  Besides some technology issues, computer feedback problems, and Angela and I having to make a quick getaway, it was GREAT!

We loved talking to you both and we will have to have another skype date soon !!
Angela and Jenny.

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Discovery Workshops: Vancouver


Hi there!

This is a just a quick reminder that our Discovery workshops are quickly approaching. If you have not yet RSVP’d and would like to attend a session please get your RSVP in by today, Saturday March 6th for the Monday March 8th Workshop and by Wednesday March 10th for the Workshop on the 18th. Below is a review of the workshops, times and location etc. Any Questions let us know!

March 8: The Ins and Outs of Volunteering Internationally – Share with people who have organized international service learning projects and learn the ups and downs of traveling and working overseas (Topics Covered: benefits, risks, personal experiences and how to choose a good project).

March 18:You have your degree (or will soon)…Now what? This session will cover what you can do after graduation (applying for grad schools, finding work in the Non-Profit sector, Research opportunities).

Both sessions are being held at: Silk Cafe 363 East Broadway at Main. 6:30-8:30PM RSVP – Please RSVP to

The purpose of the discovery program is to provide opportunities to network with trained mentors and learn skills related to project planning. It is taking over from where the Millennium Grants Program took off to provide support for all the amazing things network members are doing!

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